Savannah - Cat Facts

The Savannah cat tends to be one of the larger type of cats, ranging up to 32 pounds (most other domestic cats range in the area of 5.5 and 16 pounds). The earlier generations of the Savannah cat, F1's to F3's or so, tend to be larger than the later generations. The male cats are often larger than the females.

The bodies of Savannah cats are long and leggy--when a Savannah cat is sitting, its hind legs are often higher than their spine, like a Cheetah.  The head of the Savannah cat tends to be longer than they are wide, and like their ancestors, they have long necks. These cats tend to have spots on their ears, and their tails are about 3/4ths the length of other cats'.

The coat of a Savannah cat mostly depends a lot on the breed of cat used for the domestic cross. Early generations of these cats always have some form of dark spotting on a lighter coat, and many breeders employ "wild"-looking spotted breeds such as the Bengal and Egyptian Mau for the cross to preserve these markings in later generations.   Savannah cats sometimes have a tan coat with black or brownish spots, or a silver coat with dark spots, a marble pattern, and many other patterns and combinations.

Savannah - Cat Facts

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