Meow - Cat Facts

The sound a cat makes is unique and is rendered onomatopoeically as "meow" or similar variants ("miaow", "miau" etc.) in most European languages as well as Mandarin Chinese. Japanese has it as "nyaa" or "nyan"; Korean as "yaong" or "nyaong".  In Arabic the sound is transcribed as "mowa'a". 

This video is not your typical cat sound

Reason for the "meow" can vary.  Cats can call out to indicate pain, request human attention (to be fed or played with, for example), or even as a greeting. Cats can be very vocal, yet others rarely call out. Cats are capable of as many as 100 different vocalizations, compared to about 10 for dogs.

A kitten's call first starts out as a high-pitched squeak-like sound when very young, but then deepens over time. However, some cats do not exercise their voices often, so their call may remain similar to that of a kitten through adulthood.

Meow - Cat Facts